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[Q] Summary of FAQs and Replies on Setting Up Company in Singapore

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Common problems and summary:

Question: What is the process of establishing a new establishment of Star China Business?

Reply: EStar Business is currently a one-stop manual remote one-stop service. The flow of related newly established companies is shown in the figure below. It is suitable for unrestricted companies in Singapore (such as foreign trade, manufacturing, logistics, etc.) to set up companies in Singapore. 

[Q] Summary of FAQs and replies on setting up companies in Singapore(图1)

Question: Want to know the details of EStar Business Online Application:

Reply: The above services can now be completed through online application. For details, please see:

[Q] Summary of FAQs and replies on setting up companies in Singapore(图2)

Question: What information needs to be provided for a newly established company in Singapore:

Reply: The list of information generally required includes:

- The company name to be adopted

- Company shareholders list and directors list

- Director|A scanned copy of the original ID card of the shareholder (if a natural person)

- Director|A scanned copy of the original address certificate of the shareholder (if a natural person) (e.g. utility bill)

- A scanned copy of the original business license of the shareholder (if it is a company)

- A scanned copy of the original certificate of the registered address of the newly established company

- The equity structure chart of the newly established company

- If the shareholder is a company, a scanned copy of the original business license of the ultimate beneficiary

If you need further information, EStar Business Service staff will contact you further.

Question: Are there any special considerations for newly established companies in Singapore?

According to ACRA regulations, when the shareholder is an overseas individual/company who is not a Singapore citizen/permanent resident, the necessary conditions for the government registration of a new company include:

-Registration applicant: must hire a certified service provider to provide company registration services;

-Company name: Will be approved by ACRA;

-Company directors: at least one person whose permanent residence is Singapore;

-Company Secretary: Must appoint a local company secretary in Singapore;

-Registered place of the company: must be a Singapore address;

-Paid-in capital: at least S$1

Under normal circumstances, if the company does not have a director whose permanent residence is in Singapore, it can seek a nominee director through the law firm or company secretary, etc., and pay the relevant director fees annually. As a certified service provider in Singapore, EStar Business can provide corresponding company registration services, company secretarial services, and nominee director services. Related discount package link: [Singapore] Newly established company-discount package

Question: If a Singapore company performs an electronic signature remotely, is it legal? How should it be done?

Reply: To put it simply, electronic signatures are legal in Singapore, except for physical signatures that are required for special scenarios. The relevant regulations and actual operation links are as follows:

[C-SG] Electronic signature–Brief of laws & regulations

[C-SG] Electronic Signature_Common Practice

If you may have other questions, please leave us a message or contact our service staff directly. We will continue to update and add new FAQs and replies to effectively solve your questions.

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